The day I threw the attitude away.

Today I should have slept in. It just sort of has that chaotic- you’re going to throw your hands in frustration by the end of it- sort of feel to it. Firstly, I missed a ride with my friend because I wanted to eat. I decided it was an important part of my daily function. Then, I followed the ‘must travel under the speed limit incase by some strange matter of probability a large dinosaur leaps out in front of me’. Then once I got past them in a ‘move some’s dying!’ sort of fashion I met the Hyundai. I realized to day, that the logo is just a slanted Honda logo! It is astounding! It was small and white with blue sign writing. It too, decided the speed limit was simply more of a guide. However he did manage to reach it once or twice. BUT he stopped. He was small, he could have fit. But he stopped. He tried to wait for the car that was stopped to turn. He didn’t go past it! I could have gone past it! I breathed a deep sign of frustration at the world. Then my favorite song came on and I was happy. A happy happy person. Transformed into thinking that this day actually had potential. Perhaps it does. I then found the perfect park… FREE! I then arrived at class, earlier than most people apparently bothered to be here. So eating my breakfast after all- it was a good choice to make.
And with that, along with my tired, sad and sorry ass mixed in with hay fever and my stupid thyroid deciding to go a little awol I’m feeling in a ‘I must laugh or else I will end up in a blithering mess of tears.’

Please function brain.



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