Dear real world

Dear real world:

Ok, we need to have a word. Seriously, I am not happy. You slowly drew me in, you made me feel loved, encouraged, in control. Well, did you have another thing coming. Just when I thought it was ok to sleep with my eyes closed! I mean, over due phone bills, really, you’re going to pull that one? It would have been polite to send the bill before it became over due. Just a little tip for the future. It makes people happy when you’re kind to them. The bank? You got them involved in this too! I mean common, that’s just not fair. I don’t even want their money! At least give me enough hours in the day to change banks so I can be happy. Though, with your tack record at the moment life, they would find some way to suck all my horse money from me, taking my soul along with it. Speaking of the horse, did he have to hurt himself TWICE in the past month? Now you are just getting carried away. That’s just not fair. And no, I will not be calling the vet and spending even more of my pretty little and now scarce pennies on a call out fee. Now, I don’t mean to whine or anything, but is there any chance that the people I call on deadline, namely the police, would actually pick up? I know, I know. I should do these stories well before deadline. But you don’t give me much choice, life, and I’d really like it if you just went easy for a week. Or two. Or perhaps continuously? Don’t be boring, I don’t want that. Just, well, kind. Leave me with some amount of cash please? And a hobby that isn’t broken. 

Oh, and this cold. Not cool. I mean I was getting along, I was managing, but this cold. I seriously started crying on the phone to the Telecom lady. I think she thought I had something seriously wrong with me. I just get like that when I’m sick. I also decided crying was a much better option than yelling at her. It’s not her fault you’re being a bitch life. 

Sorry to use such harsh language, but some warning about these past two weeks would have been nice. Kind even. You know that thing that people sometimes are to each other. KIND! 

On that note life, I’d just like you to know you can buck up your ideas. I will make it through this week, alive at the most, but I shall. 

So suck it! 

Sorry, please be my friend. 


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