It’s a long week already.

First week of work conquered, here comes the second! I’m not quite sure if my body is still recovering from the insanity that was last year, or if my brain has just officially quit. But the headaches are back, and they’ve been back for over a week.

I haven’t suffered headaches like these for over three years now, so my tolerance for them is limited. That, and my heart keeps doing weird things. My chest hurts, my eyes hurt, and I can’t sleep…and keep having nightmares.


So, it’s back to the homeopath. The problem with natural health is you’re slowly peeling back an onion…each symptom is a layer, which eventually leads you to the root cause. Sometimes, you get down enough layers and you think yes! I’ve got to the bottom of it. No, no not always.

It’s also time for a trip to the doctor again to hopefully get a few more comprehensive blood tests done and a few more answers to a lot of questions.

Perhaps it is just the heat, or my body begrudgingly continuing with ‘adult’ life which it doesn’t think it’s quite ready for…but either way, I’d like it to get over it!

Enough of my whinging. I managed three out of five days exercising before work, and tomorrow, I think I’m going to go for a run…nothing quite clears my head like a good run when I’m frustrated.

Toodles for now, stay strong all of you who might be struggling to get happily into 2015, and keep focused on the cool things that are ahead. If you don’t have any cool things ahead, plan some.

I won’t admit defeat!


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