Antibiotics and perspective

I’m back! People have been asking my how my holiday was, and while I look at pictures of myself on the beach and admire my rather intense tan lines…I must say I feel a little worse for wear than when I left.

The Philippines is a beautiful country with very friendly people. Don’t go to Manila. It’s not a nice city. I mean, it has it’s good points sure, but really, the rest of the country is so much better. The problem with the rest of the country is of course getting to it. My butt got rather used to sitting for long periods in buses on bumpy roads and Sealegs tablets for car sickness were my best friend.

I’ve been rather miserable since I got back. After being poisoned by either spiking of our drinks or methanol poisoning from terrible alcohol, Sam and I were battling for a few days while over in the Philippines. Prior to that my stomach broke out in a very itchy heat rash, I managed to get a funny tummy from food in Manila. I then cut my foot on the coral and ate wheat and dairy several times; I became good mates with the bathroom. So on my arrival home I caught a bad cold… followed by a bladder infection. I also have a large assignment due tomorrow and an exam in a week!

I admit I was a bit sulky about the rather long string of unfortunate events which has lead me to want to curl up in bed and not do anything for prolonged periods of time.

But then today, I decided to go to the doctor and get antibiotics (I also got a blood test done because I was trying to procrastinate on my study). Not a fan, try to avoid them, but there are some situations you just need antibiotics.

And I felt really grateful.

Because I can just ring up my local doctor, get in my car, drive down to the clinic, pay for my appointment, pick up antibiotics, and in a few weeks I’ll be fine.

And while sure the situation doesn’t make me all that happy, I am definitely bloody thankful I have the ability to do that.

I need antibiotics, so I go and get antibiotics.

There are 100’s of people in Haiti right now who would give anything for antibiotics. There are people in so many parts of the world who simply do not have the ability to visit the doctor.

So I stopped being sulky.

I think it’s pretty easy to forget how truly lucky we are that even the crappy events in our lives make us lucky.

I’m glad to be home. It’s always nice to get away and sometimes a bit of a reality check on the other side of the world, far away from your comfortable reality is just what the doctor ordered.

I’ll come right, and I’ll find a job, and things will work out. Even if it’s slowly, even if it’s not all that great at the time. I’m trying to make sure I do not lose my perspective on the situation.

It’s very easy to lose perspective.

Anyway! That’s me for now. Just a little bit of rambling. Soon I’ll be back on my feet and blogging like there’s no tomorrow!

For now I’ll just keep trying to convince myself to finish my assignment and stop watching terrible TV shows!




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