On doing life 

So it’s been pointed out to me I haven’t blogged much. I wish I had a good reason other than ‘kinda just ran out of things to say about myself’…. but I don’t. Anyway, here I am, blogging while lying in a sleeper bus that’s halfway into a five hour journey through the Vietnam countryside. 

I got married! Yep,  I went and did that super adult thing and nothing went wrong the whole day! It was even sunny… in the middle of winter… and kind of warm. I know, I was just as surprised as you. But every now and then something has to go really right aye? 

So I married my super awesome husband Sam and we’ve escaped to Vietnam for a quick little honeymoon. When I say quick I mean 10 days, which isn’t really that quick, but compared to my last few trips, it’s definitely just a drop in the bucket. 

Now I remember Vietnam in quite a positive light, but I wondered if maybe that was because of people forget the bad stuff after a big trip and everything has this really sunny kind of feeling when you look back on it. I’m pleased to say, so far (and I mean we’re only two days in…) it has been better than I remembered. Now, I am saying that with great caution because while I’m lying on this sleeper bus, we were meant to catch a train, but took the advise of the hotel (who also happened to you know, sell the bus tickets), that a bus would be better… but once boarding the bus and telling the driver what hotel to drop us off at, we are now actually travelling further from our hotel than we would have by train… and the driver actually has no idea where the hotel is. 

So hold that thought…

I’m pretty sure I’ve put at least a kg on so far, all I’ve done is sleep (not well because they decided to rip up concrete outside the hotel at 1am… yes really), eat, and spend money. 

But that’s what a holiday is for right?! 

So, I’m all grown up and married, about to start building a house, and in a job I really love. And while Sam will be moving away for four months for police college when we get back from honeymoon, there are a lot of awesome things to be thankful for! I’m pretty pumped about life. And no, I definitely do not feel ‘grown up’ or remotely adult like, I still eat smoothies for dinner because I’m too lazy to cook, but I do feel like I’m slowly getting my shit together. 

Being back in Vietnam reminds me of all the things I loved and hated about my big ‘figuring out where I want to be in life’ trip. 

1) the heat sucks, because your body will find all sorts of ways to hate you. Chaffing is a bitch. 

2) nothing is ever quite what it seems, but you’ll probably still make it there just fine. 

3) the food is so many kinds of wonderful and I want it all…I should have brought a one piece instead of bikinis. Spring roles Vietnamese style have got to be the best kind of food I have ever eaten. 

4) there is a certain kind of freedom in travel because it consumes so much of your energy you can’t help but be in the moment. 

I think the reason I love travelling so much is because I’m a thinker, a doer and a driver; I’m always one step ahead in my brain, always wanting more, always looking for the next challenge. Travel is a challenge almost every second of the day because nothing is familiar. You have to be one step ahead but also go with the flow in order to do and see what you want to. It means your brain has to switch off from the world outside of its immediate surroundings and just be. 

The last 2 years has been a crazy whirl wind of newness and adventure. It was this time two years ago I was chilling in south east Asia trying to figure out my life. And I did, and I came back and I wanted to do a full route change. For the first time in my life I was certain about nothing, other than what I wanted to achieve. Two years later everything is different and I’ve been through Everest sized ups and downs, but oh my gosh it has so been worth it. 

I saw this saying on Facebook (reliable source I know) and it said “you’re only one decision away from a completely different life”.

I totally disagree with that. You’re not. You’re hundreds of little and massive decisions away from a totally different life. One decision will put you in the right direction, but it certainly won’t keep you there. It takes a decision every single day to keep going in the direction you’re passionate about. And it is every bit possible. But you need grit, passion and a hell of a lot of love for yourself and others to get there – not everyone will get it and you’re going to have to trust yourself. 

On this here sleeper bus I was thinking about if someone asked me what the best day of my life has been, and I’d say the day I went to see a bunch of butterflies at a garden in Cambodia. Why? Because I literally spent a day and a bunch of dollars to ride through the countryside in a little tuktuk to see butterflies. And it was the moment I think I learnt to really embrace life, to relax, take my time, and remember it’s the little things that make life beautiful. 

The most special day has definitely been our wedding; it was incredible to realise how many people love and care about us, who are willing to help when they can, and who just want us to be happy and enjoy life. That was super cool. And of course, knowing I get to spend the rest of life with an amazing teammate by my side is one of the best feelings. 

So on that note, I’m off to awkwardly gaze out a small sleeper bus window and bump along a road for another two hours (I need to pee!) 

Till next time…


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