Sing a little happy song in the rain

Rain! Lovely wet rain! Ah it is beautiful. It’s so damp and miserable today. The sun hasn’t even bothered to come out. It makes me feel warm inside. I’m not really sure why. I’m pretty sure I’m a little bit insane. Either way.

Today in class someone was a little bit angry about someone being a bad person. ‘I hate it when people just talk to you when they want something’ she said (well not quite like that, I don’t want to get in trouble for miss quoting.) I think said in a rather thoughtful voice…’hmm… me too… wait. I am one of those people…’

Well I am. I mean no I do not go around using every single friend I have. I have my little, rather small group of friends… I’d like to say elite but in fear you may actually meet some of my friends… I wont make that claim. But when I need something and I haven’t spoke to someone in a while and I know they could help, I don’t really have any qualms about asking them.

Perhaps I am a bad person, or perhaps I am a smart person. Clever one would say.

So in the spirit of feeling good I have two books to read, FINALLY! The first one so far is wonderful. I am getting my hair redyed today AND my cat came home!

Today, you are a good one.


Let’s buy a farm.

As a result of being a little bit sick and my evident lack of concerntration in my classes this week, I spent a large portion of my time on Trademe.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Trademe is… It’s pretty much the only website I actually ever use to buy things on in NZ. If you want it… you can probably find it on Trademe.

What have I been looking for on Trademe? PROPERTY. Farms, farms and more farms. Oh how I want to buy a farm! Not for any particular reason other than my boyfriend is a dairy farmer and we want a farm.

Due to my rather small excuse for savings the reality of purchasing one of the $2.5million + farms is well… there isn’t a reality. But I can dream right?

I guess I’m stuck in Dinsdale Hamilton, flatting, for the rest of the year. Oh it’s not that bad. Just sort of an avalanch of drama that puts desperate housewises to shame.

Oh how I love human behaviour.

The day I threw the attitude away.

Today I should have slept in. It just sort of has that chaotic- you’re going to throw your hands in frustration by the end of it- sort of feel to it. Firstly, I missed a ride with my friend because I wanted to eat. I decided it was an important part of my daily function. Then, I followed the ‘must travel under the speed limit incase by some strange matter of probability a large dinosaur leaps out in front of me’. Then once I got past them in a ‘move some’s dying!’ sort of fashion I met the Hyundai. I realized to day, that the logo is just a slanted Honda logo! It is astounding! It was small and white with blue sign writing. It too, decided the speed limit was simply more of a guide. However he did manage to reach it once or twice. BUT he stopped. He was small, he could have fit. But he stopped. He tried to wait for the car that was stopped to turn. He didn’t go past it! I could have gone past it! I breathed a deep sign of frustration at the world. Then my favorite song came on and I was happy. A happy happy person. Transformed into thinking that this day actually had potential. Perhaps it does. I then found the perfect park… FREE! I then arrived at class, earlier than most people apparently bothered to be here. So eating my breakfast after all- it was a good choice to make.
And with that, along with my tired, sad and sorry ass mixed in with hay fever and my stupid thyroid deciding to go a little awol I’m feeling in a ‘I must laugh or else I will end up in a blithering mess of tears.’

Please function brain.


Cut off from the world

Life is over. I apologize for the lack of posting that is about to happen. The most awful thing has happened to our flat. I was happily watching TV shows yesterday, I was happy. I finally was able to catch up on the stupid mindless drama of a characters life- that doesn’t effect my own life in any way. That’s the best kind of drama. Anyway, MY drama! Our new wonderful, great new internet provider has committed a crime worse than that guy who thought he’d get away with shooting his girlfriend numerous times. THEY CUT US OFF! Apparently, they said, they got a call at 11 pm telling them to disconnect us. WHY?! Of course it makes perfect sense as they’re not even open at 11pm. So, we are now without internet… again… for several days and the only way I can post is at tech… during class.

I must say I do find it interesting how much we rely on the internet- not that I’m complaining- for pretty much everything. Even though we can still access things on our phones, without the wireless internet I just feel so… well, out of touch and little bit vulnerable!

Of course this is a minor problem in comparison to well… any other but I feel somewhat deprived of my humanly rights! Now, rather than watching other peoples dramas I must resign myself to practicing painful T line…

Ah, journalism.

Oh brain, do not fail me now!

The real world is approaching. Well thats what everyone keeps telling me lately. Class four days a week, three of those are 9 till 5 with an hour’s break and one begins at 9 and ends at lunch time. Not too bad perhaps but you’re talking to the girl who’s had 2 years of easy study and one less of school than most other people. Therefore, my brain is yet to adjust to the constant demands of it… so this will be a short blog.

First day back at tech and my goldfish dies. Pretty sad actually. He was a wonderfully splendid, frolicking fishy and I loved him. I also found out shorthand is just as hard if not more so than I expected… symbols are certainly not my thing. Though I do find them a little but fun… its only fun when I get to make it up rather than decipher someone else’s doodles. Never the less though I am feeling like I am slowly approaching the real world and it is exciting and terrifying.

Being a student is a cushy life really, we’re given most of our money (even if we do pay it back less efficiently than study link operates.) Either way, the adjustment into the real world is going to be, well a little bit of a shock to the system, kind’ve like when you suddenly decide to go on some crazy ass diet and eat only juice… not that’s really considered eating.

I’m rambling now. My point: being a student is way to nice. I think I’d like to study forever. But the real world is an exciting new place to explore and discover and probably fail numerous times in before actually making it anywhere. It is new and I can’t wait all the while I am petrified, like a white girl in a red shirt in the smurfs territory. It wont be easy but it will be wonderful (I hope thats precise enough for my tutor).

We made it through one day, we’re going to need that coffee machine.