Off to battle we go!

Uhoh… it’s common cold time again. Yes that means feeling sorry for yourself, dragging your poor, sore, desperate for sleep and a hot water bottle as well as a good book while you sulk miserably about the weather in your bed all day. It means boxes of tissues, sore noses and lots and lots of warm clothes. Oh and I forgot the cold weather in the mix. Yes. That time of year is back. 

It is perhaps one of the only things I really hate about winter. I am armed though. Like most should be. Though I am sure most school aged children use this time of year as a ploy to be able to stay home and con their parents into letting them watch TV… or perhaps thats old school now, Ipad perhaps? Feeling a tad out of date here. None the less- it is time to step up to the ball, take the bull by the horns and tackle this rather over sized, nasty rugby player of a time and take it down. 

With my reliable steed the ‘sorbent- breathe easy’ tissue range, my alliance with quality vit C topped off by back up from any possible health product I can find in my room… apparently, that means quite a few. 

I go to battle. I shall not be defeated this year. Not before I venture into the real world of Auckland to conquer my first internship.

Oh winter, why must you come with such poor presents?