4am, you make me happy.

In light of getting my blood test results back, I have decided it is time to get some of my life back. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately, almost too good, you know when you can’t sleep because you’re just not tired enough? Yeah, well that kept happening.

As I lay awake one night, at around 12am, knowing I wasn’t getting enough sleep, but fighting with my body over the need for it, I made the decision I wasn’t getting enough physical exercise to balance the desk sitting I do each day.

It was time to do something. I started running which was a fantastic way to clear my head, but having average ankles it is something I have to limit, that, and I just can’t eat enough to maintain my current weight. I know, that is not a problem many people have, but I really don’t like losing weight when I don’t need to, I’m healthy how I am and I want to stay this way.

My solution? The gym. I thought, I will build back some of my muscle, get rid of that ‘floppy’ tummy look before summer, and get some strength back into my shoulders and back. It was a brilliant plan, until I received $600 worth of bills and nearly cried looking at my bank account, before the bills went out.
Horses are great like that.

So, I came up with another plan. Get another job!

For a moment I questioned my sanity, and ability to cope, but to put it quite frankly, I’m tired of bubble wrapping myself because of a health condition I now have under control.

I have managed to figure out how to balance my life (most of the time) with friends, family, hobbies, boyfriend, work. I’m feeling fantastic. My diet is top notch. And my blood test results were a miracle.
Oh yeah, and I’m running out of money.

This job entails getting up at 4am, mucking out horse stalls, brushing, washing, and doing general chores around the barn. I start my normal job at 8-8.30am.

At first I thought, BUT MY SLEEP?! Then I thought about it, I spend roughly two hours an evening watching a couple of TV shows, or seeing a friend. By simply rearranging my week, I can use that time to sleep and see people on the days I’m not working… improving my over all sleeping patterns.

It means I’m tired enough each night to actually sleep. It de-stresses me from journalism because I don’t have the time to stress or worry or over think every story, it wears me out in a way that means I’m not able to procrastinate with myself… but I still have all the energy I need to go about my daily life happily.

Roughly, it is 7-10 hours a week. Bringing my work week to around 50-55 hours in total.

But the best part, is it’s varied. I’m working out, and getting paid for it, I get to be around horses early in the morning…and because I’m not riding them I get to give them the occasional cuddle, and I’m sleeping better. PLUS I can stop stressing about my finances.

My mother and father think I’m mad. My boyfriend took some serious convincing, and my sister stared at me with a ‘you’re going to do what?!’ look. But I think most people are coming around to the idea.

This is what has to happen to make this work:

Monday: sleep in till 6.30am, get up and go for a short 10 min run. Shower, get ready, go to work. Catch up with my sister, ride my horse, get to bed and sleep by 8.30pm.

Tuesday & Wednesday: rise and shine at 4am, work one job, come home, get to the main job. Come home, ride my own horse one of these days, on the other relax and cuddle the pregnant horse. Sleep by 8pm.

Thursday: rise and shine again at 4am and so on. Go out or see a friend or just do whatever I want after riding my horse. Sleep by 10pm

Friday: rise at 6.30am, go for a short run, get to work. Then the world is mine and I shall do as I please! (unless I work on Sat) Also, I need to ride my horse.

Saturday: work one per month with the horses, catch up on my insiders guide column during the summer months. Visit my family, have a wine with girl friends, see my boyfriend. Cuddle my own horses.

Sunday: compete once a month with Pip, relax on all the others, or snowboard during winter. This is my day to do with as I see fit. But no working. No working is allowed on Sundays (for my sanity).

After two days so far, I’m feeling quite good…though my tummy muscles are actually seeking their revenge whenever I breathe. Who knew mucking out stalls actually worked EVERY part of your stomach?

But I think it’s a fantastic idea.

I may have to cut back the hours when my thyroid has one of its spastic fits, but I’m hoping the exercise will help to reduce those even further.

I am actually really looking forward to the next part of life.

Though, as me in a month how I’m liking the early mornings… and my response might be closer to a grumble than an enthused essay!