Cheers to the new year and all it entails

Oh gosh I feel like a child neglecting their first goldfish, my lack of posts lately is appalling! BUT I am back, into the real world once again, of course just as terrified as a pony with 10 screaming kids but I am excited all the same! Wow that analogy could be taken a little badly… Anyway, my lack of posts is mainly because after moving and my increasing need to possibly commit bodily harm to my now ex flatmate, I thought it would be a good idea to go a little MIA for a while.

So now, I am in my new house, wishing I could kiss the ass of the old one but sadly it keeps following me around like Kim Dotcom follows around a KFC worker (line credit to Jayden) but of course because I lived with such outstanding citizens before, I am proceeding to have to clean up their left behind ‘we’ll get it later’ moments. Other than the fact in the last week I have cleaned up more substances in which I cannot actually identify than a 3rd time community servicer and dealt with one too many people whom I would love to write a long facebook rant to… I’m in a pleasantly good place.

The new house is wonderful, aside from the fact a gang of Smurfs (I’d like to pretend that’s what they are to keep my mind young and innocent) and their rivals somewhere around the corner, it’s a nice place. The garden is lovely, there’s lots of sheds and the house smells good since the other two flatmates realized the bad smell was the bag of garbage no one had bothered to move… and of course now I live with two amazing people who I think I can survive living with- without wanting to tear my hair and theirs out…

Here’s to a new year, new house, new friends, new connections, a new career and a new lease on life. I am excited, thrilled and rather frightened but at the same time surprisingly reassured that I am going to just fine and even if I make it out of this year greying prematurely, I will survive, I hope.