Right! Time to get back to the positive happy go lucky vibes usually floating around this blog. Today started in the same way a deflated balloon eventually pops weeks after the party. It just kind of gets tired and gives up.

Work has been…interesting to say the least lately. I spend 95 per cent of my time back tracking because ideas have been ditched, plans changed… and I’m kind of just treading water. I’m achieving plenty if you go by my spreadsheets! But I fear if I see another ‘business development’ idea that involves me calling through lists and lists of people, I may just curl up under my desk with Spotify and hide.

Just kidding… I love business development! I would just love it more if I could actually make some progress!

My office has this incredible view of the harbour, which is wonderful for increases of prolonged sanity in the office. I’ve also discovered Spotify after Apple Music drove me insane enough I quit my subscription. So I now have a bunch of bubbly, inspirational songs on repeat and instead of getting mad about road blocks, I just do a little boggy in my chair.

Though, you’d be surprised about how many strange song are out there at the moment!

So I’m planning a trip at the end of the year…this time PHILIPPINES!  Why?

Google it.

It looks like a place I could spend forever.

Maybe I will? Maybe, that is the solution to my life; just avoid it!

People do do that.

I wonder what it would take to bring a horse to the Philippines? And a cat…can’t forget about Charlie.

Hmmm…if anyone wins lotto, just keep me in mind please.

I have started to research and am attempting to get my head around trading. Stocks, currency, it all looks rather intriguing. I mean, I’m not really making much headway where I’m heading at the moment, so why not?

Not sure if anyone has realised…but we have this amazing thing called the internet which while useful for looking at pictures of cats and stupid Buzzfeed articles…you can also use it to become smarter and find new ways of getting ahead! Who knew?

Because I have more plans than I do money, I’m doing a few other jobs like teaching and showhome hostessing. I love hostessing. You essentially hang out in a lovely home and chat to people all day about what their goals and dreams are for their future properties. I’m also super pumped to start teaching horse riding again. It is definitely one of the things I regret not doing more of.

I’ve also decided to expand on my volunteer stuff. Currently I hang out with a bunch of kids at church every second Sunday, which is super fun.

I did not think I would enjoy it…but man it’s so much fun! I don’t know if I have more fun than the kids. I even had them teach me how to make a paper plane.

I’ve discovered I do not spend enough time doing child like things.

And that’s a problem.

Anyway, my new volunteer stuff is developing at the moment but it has to do with my passion: rehabilitation and crime reduction. I’m also trying to figure out how to write my book! I have a book! Well, I will have a book.

So that’s the good stuff.

I also have good coffee, good wine, and plenty of good music! One can’t really complain about that can they?

I’m on the hunt for a full filling job where I can grow. I’m making headway with volunteer work. And I’m finally getting back into doing the things I love to do outside of work…while making money.

I might be moving slowly, but I think I might be moving!

I’ve gone from treading water to a slow breast stroke style of swimming!




Goal Keeper

When you’re 20 people start asking: “So where do you want to get to in life?” “What are your goals?” “Where to from here?” Of course people don’t stop to think you’ve only JUST managed to get to the point of doing something with your life. In my early 20’s I am feeling something like I do when I walk quickly up the mount (a small ‘mountain’ in Tauranga City New Zealand that takes about half and hour to an hour to walk up depending on who you are… and how much pain you want to put yourself through). 

The whole way up I am thinking “I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. Nearly there, just a little more pain and you’ll be there!” (now I sound like I am talking about child birth)… when I finally get to the top I look out and think “man, I am so glad I did that! I’m just going to stop for a while. A) so I can get my breath back because I lost it somewhere on the track about half way up, b) so I can enjoy the view I worked so hard to see. 

Standing on the top of that mountain is where I am in my life right now. Sure, while I’m up there I’m thinking of all the other cool things I want to achieve that day, like showering, sleeping, maybe a stroll on the beach. I am also thinking about the next weeks worth of fitness. But I am not actively going about it. Not yet. I am just enjoying the view and taking a moment to regenerate my batteries before I take off again.

I think that, this, is probably one of the best places to be in your life. You’ve managed the struggle. You’ve gone through a bit of pain. You’re alive, and you are grateful. There is so much to take in and appreciate, while at the same time you just need a moment to recover from the uphill battle you’ve gone through to get it. 

I have goals, plenty of them. But they’re in fragments, pieces that are yet to be constructed. I want a lot from life, and I want to give a lot in my life. I want to be many things over my years to come, and I want to make a name for myself. There is not a moment where I stop wanting more. 

But, there are moments where I stop and love what I have. Where I stop ‘aiming’ just for a moment. Where I just breathe. Every single person needs those moments, those are life. The struggles and the heartaches are part of life. But getting through them is the reward. That is when you feel alive. 

These are the moments that keep you going through the tough times. 

Now I have my answer for those people, “This is my goal. This was what I wanted. I have everything right in this moment that I need and could ever want. There will come a time shortly where I strive for more, where I put those goals into an achievable plan and I go get them. But right now, I’m just going to enjoy the most incredible view in the world.”