No, I do not look better without make up

Lately I have seen a lot of “guys like girls who don’t wear make up” “girls look better without make up” etc statues, gifs, and so on. I felt I needed an opinion on this one. I am a girl. I wear make up. This does not make me “fake” or “plastic”. 

I want to put something straight. Guys like girls who don’t wear make up… who have great naturally glowing skin, no blemishes, dark eye lashes and full eye brows. That is the truth and I don’t want to hear “no, but we like girls for their flaws too!” Sure, if you’re in a relationship your partner should accept your blemishes. But to put the cold hard truth out there: the world doesn’t. I don’t wear make up to impress guys, I don’t do it to impress girls. I do it because without it, no I do not look “better”. I might, on a day where my skin was clear (which it is not 95% of the time), when it glowed with no scars, when my eye lashes suddenly grew and became visible… you get the picture.

I get angry that society has already made girls feel bad enough about themselves to wear make up in the first place, it now makes them feel guilty for wearing it, because they should just look perfect without it. It’s backwards and drives me freaking insane. I do not doubt that people would accept me for who I am without make up. I get that. But no, I do not look better without make up. Stop making me feel like I am a failure as a woman because of that.

That is the honest and complete truth. It makes me mad that I am then made to feel “fake” because I want to look my best and present myself well.

Opinionated moment over. That is all.



4 and a half years ago

4 and a half years ago. That’s a little while really. Many things change in 4 and a half years. I covered a story tonight, in a small rural town that my boyfriend lives in. This is the sort of place you kind of know where it is but most people never stop here. It has a tiny population and it is one of the last places on earth you expect to run into people you haven’t seen for 4 and a half years. 

But tonight, in the town hall, in this small rural town, at 8pm, on a Saturday, I met him again. I don’t even know if I can say again because I don’t know if I ever met him to start with. I was 15. I dated his best friend. He was with this girl at the time, a pretty blonde girl. His best friend had just cheated on me (well, he says he didn’t… it’s a twisted story and not really one worth telling) and proceeded to dump me. To be perfectly honest I don’t think I ever cared a whole bunch. None the less, that sort of thing hurts at 15. This guy (tonight man) began talking to me and we were best friends, or in my 15 year old world we were. We spoke every day all day and I relied entirely on him to get through the next few strange, borderline hellish months of boy drama. 

Then we stopped. I don’t know why, perhaps he does but I don’t. I’m not even sure there was a reason. We were amazingly close friends. To this day I don’t think he realizes just how much he helped me. 

But on my silver flip top phone with limited colour and a pixilated screen he became my everything. Then, just like that, he stopped. 

4 and a half years later there he was. In a small rural town, at 8pm, in the town hall. Standing with a friend who knew the friend I was there with. I didn’t even recognize his face till someone said his name. Then it hit me. Like a punching bag I didn’t get of the way of when in full swing it smacked me, straight between the eyes. Just like that, there he was. He’s been here for a long time. He’s even worked with my boyfriends mother. I never knew. 

It is a bazar sequence of events which lead to seeing him again. I hope to go out to coffee with him. 

This time I brought up the boyfriend topic BEFORE we went to coffee, though I am pretty sure his intentions are quite contrary to crash guy.

In 4 and a half years the things I have done – the things that have changed! I no longer have braces, I discovered pretty undergarments, I got a little more clued up on fashion, I changed my hair colour a million times. I haven’t grown a whole lot (height wise), possibly 3 cm. I left home. Had several boyfriends. Now am in a serious relationship. Grew my hair out. Have nearly finished a degree. There are just so many little tiny things that are so astonishingly different.

He was part of a chapter I thought I had long closed – a chapter that linked into almost everything I do and have now. A weird and perhaps one of the most testing times of my life. Interesting none the less. I often wondered what became of him. Now I suppose I shall find out.

Let the adventure being.