Talking to my pizza

I’m losing my mind. It began last night when I started talking to my pizza, but not it has progressed to mistaking my headphone for the nuts I was eating. It doesn’t taste nearly as good as an almond.

Lately, my life has been taking a little more than steroids, and I’m actually losing track of the amount of stress causing things happening, I possibly think that is my brains way of maintaining some sort of sanity. I have had some wins lately, few and far between, but they make up for the seriously average times a little bit.

When feeling as though you could actually punch something, Google angry mad woman…it makes you feel considerably better.

I also try to find as many songs which are either sarcastic, or about things a little bit worse than my actually rather blessed life. My world is like a tar-sealed open highway, with a few pot holes and a bit of road kill here and there. Many people’s are like a gravel back road up a hill.

So I can’t really complain. But between the average weather, the amount of things I have to do before Christmas and the fact I have bills that are actually planning my death, I am feeling just a little bit like I am slowly drowning.

Good thing I’m a good swimmer and I’ve always been able to hold my breath for a considerable amount of time.

So is it going to be ok? Yep, with a lot of cups of tea, blankets, TV shows, quotes and bible verses, good friends, and remembering one day it will end and if you turn enough pages you get to the end of the chapter.

I did an interview with a 17-year-old yesterday. She said she doesn’t have an end goal yet, “I don’t really see an end at this point, I’m only 17, why think about the end?”
“I have never had a day I’m not motivated, you’re still getting closer to your goals. I don’t find I am unmotivated. You have to do it, you can’t expect things to just fall into your lap. You have to work hard. I don’t see any reason I shouldn’t be able to, as long as I work hard and I make progress, I don’t see any reason why I can’t do what I want.”

After listening to someone say that with such conviction, you can’t really walk away and not feel a little bit motivated to just keep on getting back up, it doesn’t matter how tired you are.

So now I’m off to find other food items I can chat to, while still trying to convince myself I have some sanity left to tide me through to the end of the year…oh you are beautiful cup of tea!