Even one step is still movement

“Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.” – Bell Hooks, All About Love

It’s been a struggle street as anyone who’s read my blog lately will know. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You all come here for a laugh or a bit of information and I’ve been shoving pity parties in your face for months.

Never the less, I am back.

While I’m still wallowing in moments of ‘I CAN’T DO THIS’…I’ve decided it’s time to get the big girl pants on and be brave.

That might sound a little sarcastic. It’s not meant to.

Here’s the thing about not only changing my complete life direction, but also wanting a job that I can throw every ounce of spare energy into; it’s daunting. I’m living in a space of constant pushing; constant needing to be more, do more, achieve more, learn more.

To make big moves you have to take big steps.

And sometimes, that’s damn terrifying.

Ok, ok, here’s what that looks like for me right now. Jobs. There are jobs every three or so weeks that come up which I think ‘YES, THAT IS WHAT I WANT!’

But, there is always a list of necessary requirements. Most jobs I feel as though I could fit that, I could do that and/or I have the skills and have previously achieved it.

But with every job that makes me think ‘YES’, is a little voice that goes ‘oh but you can’t do that!’

Sush little voice, it’s not your turn right now.

Here’s what being brave looks like: I’ve written copious cover letters. I have edited, rewritten and I have attempted to perfect my CV. Now, I need to send that. I need to click apply and just do it.

It sounds easy.

But it’s the first step toward ‘YES, I’m doing life a different way now’.

I don’t actually have a ‘plan’. I couldn’t give you my ideal job description without changing it about five times and adding in almost every skill I have into a job description I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist.

What I do know: I want to make a change in people’s lives and I have the skills, and at the very least the determination and energy, to do that.

And that voice is the one that needs to be heard.

If I don’t get an interview, so what? If I don’t get the job? So what. I’m still taking the first step toward the possibility. And that’s something I constantly remind myself of…it’s not a failure if it’s not successful, it’s just not the right time and the right thing.

There will be another thing and a right time. Patience.

Making big life changes is terrifying and anyone who has ever just up and said ‘enough is enough I’m making something of myself’ knows what that feels like. It’s not that I didn’t have a great job in the past, it’s not that I don’t have a good one now. It’s that I’m searching for the job I want to stay up till midnight working on.

I know, I’m mad right?

But when someone asked the other day what my 10 year vision was I said (among other things) to have a job I enjoyed so much, I wanted to work over 50 hours a week doing it.

I have energy and I’m incredibly ambitious. Not for myself, but because I have a vision for what I want this country to look like…so I’m pretty determined to go after that and make it happen.

But with that comes drive and energy I didn’t realise I actually had in me…unless we’re talking about running. I never have enough energy or drive for that.

However, it’s easy to be ‘busy’ doing things that don’t actually get you any further. I used to hate being bored because I hated having the time for thoughts to take over and self doubt to creep in. I often avoided being alone with silence because silence can be a very terrifying thing.

You might be wondering why I began this blog with the quote I did…

Because learning to be alone for me, was the first step toward making changes that I always wanted to make, but was far to afraid to make them. People were a little perplexed as to why I wanted to go hiking in Austria alone. It’s a country people from New Zealand don’t venture to much. Hiking in Autumn is an odd thing to do. And it’s pretty remote and few people speak English.

I knew it’s what I needed.

I needed to be alone to learn to support myself, love myself, and process thoughts in a positive way. I needed to lean on myself first so when I lent on other people it wasn’t because I needed to avoid myself, it would be because I need them as the person they are with the skills they have. And a mountain in the middle of Austria is a pretty great way to do that.

What do I want to do? I’m not 100 per cent sure. What do I want to achieve? Now that I am very sure of. And being alone gave me time to realise the honest truth of that: what I was doing, wasn’t even close to achieving what I wanted to achieve.

And that might have lead to the end of a relationship, landing on my parents door and bunking down back at home for a year and being jobless periodically…but you know what…it was still worth it.

Now instead of being busy doing things for the sake of being busy…I’m doing things that have a purpose and a point and will hopefully point me in the right direction.

Even one step is still movement.

I’m an ideas person and I’ve started allowing myself to follow ideas. I need to get a diary for jotting them all down. But in the past it’s been pretty easy to say ‘well actually nah, that’s not worth doing.’

I mean I still probably have at least five ideas a day that really aren’t useful. However, I’ve stopped being annoyed at myself for that. Ideas good or bad are great. It means I’m thinking in such a way that can create change.

So that’s my positive vibes for Friday. I hope you’re all as pumped as I am for the weekend! I’m taking Monday off to spend it at the mountain because sometimes it’s good to make time for having fun for the sake of it.

Till next time x


Recipe for me

There is possibly nothing better than looking forward to an entire afternoon to yourself. Ok, not entire. But leaving work early after an already painfully long week, for no particular reason other than to give yourself time out. I love working, I am excited to do my job, but I have learnt a few things over the last few years of study that I still think apply now. Actually, they probably apply more now. 

I am a typical bitter of more than I can chew, eyes bigger than my stomach sort of gal. Everything seems like a great idea…and I love giving things ago. I hate letting people down, and I love helping others. I like to put others first, and I like to work hard, and I like to try lots of hobbies. That right there is a perfect set of ingredients for the recipe to ‘burning yourself out’. 

So, after several doctors visits, hospital stopovers, blood tests, a diagnosis, and many nights wondering where the next step is, I have been told, and at the time reluctantly learnt my lesson. 

Wait, who am I kidding. I still make the same mistake, I’m just much better at realising when I make it.

Here is my new set of ingredients to ‘be happy and fulfilled while not becoming a blithering mess of your formerself’

  1. Sleep. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. Those blissful 8 to 9 hours are the best parts of my day. Not because I don’t like my day, I can just feel my batteries recharging as I slip under my feather duvet and snuggle into my pillow. I have learnt to appreciate sleep and to value it. 
  2. Eat right. I don’t care how good that piece of pizza looks or how long I have been craving a cheese burger, I tell my poor little tummy to stop it’s whinging and give it more good stuff. Each morning I have taken to consuming a smoothie with:

    Pea protein (doesn’t contain dairy or wheat), berries, egg white (to avoid iodine but get the protein), banana, avocado, oats, maca powder, chia seeds, bowel biotic’s, chlorophyll (not the stuff used to knock people out as I originally thought), almond milk and coconut oil. BEST THING EVER. I have never felt so full of energy and happy during the day, even the bad days aren’t so bad any more.

    The rest of my day is balanced out with salads, good carbs like quinoa and brown rice, proteins like chicken or tuna, and nuts. It might be more expensive at times, but there is nothing better than enjoying your life. That piece of cake isn’t going to make me enjoy anything past that 5 minutes it takes me to eat it.

  3. Put myself first. Not all the time, but just sometimes. Those days when I’m stressed and upset, those are the days I need to come first. Maybe it is with a walk somewhere pretty, buying something I’ve wanted for a while, ignoring my phone, avoiding Facebook, reading a good book, or taking a long shower, ride my horse without having to think about ‘training it’ I need love myself, so I can be in the best frame of mind to help others and do my job. This is where leaving work a little bit early comes in. Me time, total me time. 
  4. Understanding what is really important in my life. Who are the people who matter? What builds me up, rather than taking away from my well being? What makes me happy at the end of the day? Family, horses, my job, my partner, and good friends are on my list. Sometimes it is hard drawing a line, but it has to be done, and not everyone will understand.

And that’s it. My simple list that when things get mad, I just take a moment to think through it. It is surprising just how much it really can help! 

It could just be the pea protein talking.



Getting there!

604 words down, nearly a quarter the way through! Also wrote another article about my amazing band friends! Happy I am getting work achieved and feeling a little less stressed now! Plus my flatmate came home with new plants and being all happy like. It’s hard to not be happy when other people are happy.

Stuck though with my big article, how do you put things that aren’t so nice, in an easy to read way?

Information overload!

Sleep needed now!