It is that time of year.

I’m not entirely sure how to start this blog. I’m not really sure about many things right now. You see, my horse, being the delightful creature it is, decided to throw me on my head. Well, it decided it didn’t want me on its back because I wouldn’t let it do what it wanted. It was my fault I fell on my head. That’s what happens when you don’t fall off often, you forget how to do it. Hence, I landed on my face/head/ribs/ shoulder.

Actually, I pretty much just gave the ground a great big bear hug at speed. Oh, and managed to punch myself in the face in the process. Just because falling off wasn’t bad enough.

Not even pea protein can fix this spacey mood.

It is also raining. Again. For the second week in a row. I blame the rain for me falling off in the first place. It rains: can’t ride. It rains some more: still can’t ride. Horse gets a little full of energy and I don’t have the same level of energy to keep my body on top of said horse.

It needs to stop raining.

I’m switching banks. I also brought a new phone. Too many changes all at once. I’m not a change person. I’m also selling a lot of horse gear. More change.

Hence: entirely unsure of how I feel right now.

I think I have a disorder of some type. Actually, I’m positive. Everyone seems to have a disorder of some kind now-a-days. I also didn’t get asked for ID at two separate supermarkets over the weekend. This makes me feel incredibly depressed.

We have now arrived at the time of year (winter in New Zealand) when getting out of a bed is a serious achievement. So, I plan on booking myself in for an appointment with the cranial guy to fix the head, and then devouring one of my 11 frozen meals (homemade) I have stock pilled so I don’t have to function as a useful human after the hour of 5.30pm. Then, I shall snuggle with my hot water bottle and watch random crap on my laptop and sulk about the rain.

Then sleep.

Sleeping makes it all better.

P.s, I’m actually in a good mood, but my head hurts, so for some reason, the only thing I seem to be able to write is depressing/ whinging. I do apologise.



In a flood of laughter

Exhaustion has set in once again. Made it’s bed and decided it’s going to lie in my head. It’s a great feeling you must know. Of course this makes way for a rather gloggy, stuffy, ‘hit my head on the window sill’ kind of feeling and comes a immense lack of concentration. Due to this whole feeling like a bucket of wet sand thing, I thought I’d run a bath. Oh the gloriousness of a wonderful great bath with bubbles and salts. The works. Happiness. As exhaustion made itself even more at home in my head I went back to cooking dinner for myself and my flatmate. The bath ran on. The bubbles got bigger and the water got higher. 

It was a sinking ship from the start.

‘SACHA!’ my flatmate shrieked – in a tone I had not yet heard before. 

I ignored it as I finished making dinner thinking it was more of an excited shriek and she would just come out to the kitchen to tell me about what ever was so thrilling. 

‘SAACHAA!’ The shriek was louder. 

Uhoh I thought. I’m in trouble. There she was. There the water was. The hallway. The carpet. The bath. I quickly turned the bath off. In ankle deep water I began to laugh. I do this when exhaustion has set in. Laughter seems to be the only thing that saves me from total insanity and collapse. 

It was so deep I had to bucket it out of the bathroom. This hilarity in itself was pure joy. After all the towels in the house were soaked and the first lot were in the washing machine I decided I wanted another bath.

It was not my night.

This time it was only close to overflowing. Though this time… there was no more hot water. No bath for me. 

I decided an early night was medicine enough. 


Must… sleep… forever.

Off to battle we go!

Uhoh… it’s common cold time again. Yes that means feeling sorry for yourself, dragging your poor, sore, desperate for sleep and a hot water bottle as well as a good book while you sulk miserably about the weather in your bed all day. It means boxes of tissues, sore noses and lots and lots of warm clothes. Oh and I forgot the cold weather in the mix. Yes. That time of year is back. 

It is perhaps one of the only things I really hate about winter. I am armed though. Like most should be. Though I am sure most school aged children use this time of year as a ploy to be able to stay home and con their parents into letting them watch TV… or perhaps thats old school now, Ipad perhaps? Feeling a tad out of date here. None the less- it is time to step up to the ball, take the bull by the horns and tackle this rather over sized, nasty rugby player of a time and take it down. 

With my reliable steed the ‘sorbent- breathe easy’ tissue range, my alliance with quality vit C topped off by back up from any possible health product I can find in my room… apparently, that means quite a few. 

I go to battle. I shall not be defeated this year. Not before I venture into the real world of Auckland to conquer my first internship.

Oh winter, why must you come with such poor presents?