This is Monday

I enjoy most Mondays. Normally I ease into the week by writing and doing a few small interviews that I should have done on Friday. Nothing too big… of course, I thought this week I was super woman and booked three interviews starting from 8.15am. I was late for that, due forgetting about it, I then managed to attend the staff meeting in the office for the first time in weeks, and missed the second interview (luckily the guy wasn’t doing much today and we just made it later). I then got lost on my way to my third interview. It also decided to rain as I stepped outside the building. My hair is still straightened from my partners 21st on Saturday and I would desperately like to climb back into bed. 

Let’s just say Monday is against me this week.

I splashed out on a coffee, an organic almond milk beautiful coffee. I decided if I was going to tackle today, it was not going to be without good coffee. I am also going to buy sushi, I feel I deserve it. Sticky notes are taking over my desk and I didn’t even get a chance to glance at my to do list before 11.30am. 

Now I have fed my tummy, got my desk in some sort of order, and have a clear schedule for the rest of the day to sit, write, and conquer the afternoon with far more poise than I began the day with. 



Frolicking in the hay and relaxing tea

Breathe. I keep telling myself to breathe with every step. Unfortunately that has lead me to be a very quick breather. Sit. Finally I have sat down with a bowl of rice and a cup or relaxing tea. Hectic is an understatement for this week. I told my cat Tonka we should swap places. I’d quite like to be a cat for a few days. He gets cuddles on demand, food constantly, he can sleep all day and adventure where ever his little heart desires. Me, well I’ve been franticly running around the city and I still am no further through my tech work than I was at the start of the week. 

I love a good holiday, don’t get me wrong, but labor day really just made things harder. I keep reminding my face to stop shrivelling up and looking so grumpy or like I’ve just seen someone commit a murder. Smile. Yes, I need to smile more. I have a new top though, it was a replacement for the one I brought, wore once and then it tore. Right down the back, it just fell apart. I was very sad because I liked it. So I toddled off into the store to ask for a refund and the lady told me they don’t do refunds, only exchanges. I’m sure if it is a faulty product they should be giving me my money back, but I wasn’t positive and far too tired and rushed to bother arguing. So now I have a new, very comfy, one size too big, blue and white top. 

I got to go to an early childhood centre today and photograph kids making a scarecrow. It was actually highly entertaining. Though I think I still have hay through my hair and in my pants. I do not know how it got there, but there was hay everywhere and the kids did not seem to realise I wasn’t really there to have hay thrown at me. But I liked it because I enjoy throwing hay. So it was fun. Deadlines are not fun. 

Now I sit, nearly done eating my rice and not very far through my relaxing tea, wondering what I should tick off the list next. Tick, cross, scribble violently off the list. Or maybe I should just stop. Stop moving all together and just sit. Relax, and drink my tea.

Petrol pump guy and small change.

Exhaustion. I’d like to blame it on study, and that is partly it. It is possibly also a lack of sleep and the fact I thought it would be a good idea to start running. While I am still clinging to the hope that some day in the future I will look back and thank my past self for starting this exciting adventure that is running, the current me hates myself for it. 

My legs ache, my back ache, my ankles ache due to bad shoes. My everything is exhausted. I have always hated running and now I know why. Don’t get me wrong, I love the freedom of going fast, clearing my head, listening to some good music, enjoying nature – all for about 10 mins of the run. I push myself. I’m just like that. But it will pay off eventually. I hope.

In between my sore body and my feeling like there simply is no possible way to ever escape the constant pile of small tasks to do for tech, I feel good. Today I was ready to break down and either kill or cry at the petrol pump. Why this particular petrol station thought it would be a good idea to install pumps that are unable to reach over a small car is beyond me. I paid – because it’s prepay – then realized it wasn’t going to work and hung the pump back up. Then of course it no longer worked. I went back into the petrol station and the lovely petrol guy fixed it. Or so I thought. Merrily (though in a fowl mood) I let it run. It didn’t stop at the amount it should have. Now seriously about to cry (the reason has nothing to do with the pump… but it’s a story that’s perhaps not for here) I dragged my feet back inside to pay the balance. The lovely petrol pump guy waved it and said “don’t worry about it.” I wanted to hug him in that moment. If he didn’t work there I’d buy him a coffee. 

It’s the small things that make your day. I have good friends, a good boyfriend, a good hobby and I have met some wonderful stranger. Life’s not all bad. Just a bit stressful.

A day in the life of a journalist

Here we go again. Early morning. Brain refuses to work. Sigh. Coffee- not an option. Heart races. Head spins. Need coffee- but it will make it worse. So, no coffee. Tired. So so tired. Thats ok. Nurofen. Take 3. Headache kind’ve cured. 

Walking along. Freezing cold. Wishing I’d brought a coat. See coffee cart. Wish I could drink coffee. Decide to write a story on them. Perhaps that will make up for lack of drinking coffee. 

Few good quotes. Find other people to talk to. More good quotes. Get back to ‘news room’. Pitch idea. Realize it’s a leading news story. Perfect. Write. Send. Publish. 


One down. Two to go. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Tired. Worn out. Happy.

This is making it.