Be spectacular

Living life. Ah yes. We are all a little afraid to do. Most of us never do. I vow not to be one of these. Are you one of these? I bet most of you can be. It’s safe and easy. Who doesn’t like safe and easy? I love it. I fall victim to it. Now I am not saying it a bad thing as such. I am saying that non of us are ever going to figure out what we can actually do or what we were put here to do… if we never bother to actually do it? 

Here is what I propose. Pick one thing a week that is a little bit different to what you normally do. Perhaps take a different way to work or choose a different type of coffee or anything! It can be big… as in like MASSIVE or it can be small… really tiny that you seem almost insane if you bothered to tell anyone about it. WHO CARES? Do something that is going to spice up your day just a little bit until you are confident enough to do something bigger and Bigger and BIgger and BIGger and BIGGer and BIGGEr and BIGGER! 

At the end of the day, and I know this is certainly true for me, we all get bored doing the same thing. We just all like the comfort it offers. 

So expand that comfort zone until you’re ready to jump out of it. 

Then be spectacular.