Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all my followers on here, and others who have just stumbled across this blog. I am taking a short break from posting here while I travel around Asia, Africa, and part of Europe. I will be back at the end of October and no doubt publishing furiously on here once again.

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Thank you all for the support!

Sach x


Auckland is a little bit crazy

Now I apologize for my lack of action on here lately! It’s just a little bit appalling. The real wide world is just quite wonderful! I definitely love magazines. This is where I fit. Now I don’t hate newspapers and I am actually quite excited to find out what its like with more internships but I do feel like my dream of magazines is not going to be one I let go of.

Reason one: The people are really lovely here. 

Reason two: I was told not to worry about when the story was in just do it when I can. 

Reason three: I don’t have to use quotes!

Reason four: Housing is something I get.

Those are of course rather specific to this magazine but I love it. I really really do. It’s less stressful and I can write about things I understand… from my point of view! 

It is truly bazar after writing newspaper stories all year. I am certainly not finding it easy.

Auckland on the other hand… yea well… my opinion of this city has not changed. I do not know if it ever will. 

The traffic for one thing… but seeing as everyone complains about that I’ll give it a miss. I just hate the way the roads all wind together like some sort of child’s hand drawn maze… needless to say I got lost… a lot. Now though thanks to my faithful smart phone I am finding it far easier to navigate my way around the madness.

Just the sheer size terrifies me. I have no idea where things are and each place is like a city in its own right. 

Never the less… I can (sadly) see myself living here. Though I still think Wellington is the place for me… Auckland… I could get used to you.


Cut off from the world

Life is over. I apologize for the lack of posting that is about to happen. The most awful thing has happened to our flat. I was happily watching TV shows yesterday, I was happy. I finally was able to catch up on the stupid mindless drama of a characters life- that doesn’t effect my own life in any way. That’s the best kind of drama. Anyway, MY drama! Our new wonderful, great new internet provider has committed a crime worse than that guy who thought he’d get away with shooting his girlfriend numerous times. THEY CUT US OFF! Apparently, they said, they got a call at 11 pm telling them to disconnect us. WHY?! Of course it makes perfect sense as they’re not even open at 11pm. So, we are now without internet… again… for several days and the only way I can post is at tech… during class.

I must say I do find it interesting how much we rely on the internet- not that I’m complaining- for pretty much everything. Even though we can still access things on our phones, without the wireless internet I just feel so… well, out of touch and little bit vulnerable!

Of course this is a minor problem in comparison to well… any other but I feel somewhat deprived of my humanly rights! Now, rather than watching other peoples dramas I must resign myself to practicing painful T line…

Ah, journalism.

Growing up or going nowhere?

As I was doing my causal cruise of face book tonight it took me by complete surprise how many people I know are getting married or having babies or trying to find good jobs. Making the life decision that really count. Now I’m not saying I’m old because I think at 19 I’m still a spring chicken. Well thats how I feel anyway.

I mean crap, and seriously, it’s like someone put my life on fast forward but forgot to actually catch me up- kind’ve like when online videos don’t load fast enough and you get that out of time voice over making everyone seem like they’re making pig faces. I don’t feel old enough to be worrying about graduating, finding a full time job, getting married, where I’m living. I’m pretty sure I’m still that innocent little good-two-shoes sitting quietly at the back of the class room desperately hoping I would do no wrong.

Life is one big great adventure but I’m pretty sure I’m still meant to be in the packing my bags stage, not the being thrown from the car at high speed into an area I don’t know expected just to stumble around till I get there. I mean, I might. Don’t get me wrong I may very well uncannily fall over something spectacular but its the watching everyone else around me growing up- knowing I’m growing up at the same stage- yet felling so so much younger and much less prepared to just venture on out like the sun will come out tomorrow.

Due to the fact I have discovered I am suffering ‘silent’ migraines- and I’m sure its only a special type of person, such as myself, who manages to still get a migraine and all the splendid symptoms with it but without the headache or even looking slightly sick! I mean what good is feeling like shiet if you look perfectly ok!? Anyway, because of that I am afraid I am rambling once again and will finish with pretty much this:

Grown up or not, I still want to be a little kid with all the little kid innocence and determination to explore the world yet live in a grown up world with all the grown up perks. The problem is the perks seem to drag around this kind’ve unwanted thing of expectations and responsibility. Which of course I love… but it’s the seemingly never ending, bite your nails till they are no more wait to see if you can actually make it through the lions cage into the big wide world.

That scares the gobstoppers into finally dissolving. And that takes a fair bit I might add.

I suppose this spot on the planet is where I fit?

Being a writer isn’t easy. Yea sure the words most of the time flow out in a collected chaos, a beautiful mess but that doesn’t always make it easier. Tonight to find a little ounce of inspiration I thought I’d watch a new program airing soon- a sneak peak of whats to come. To my surprise it actually had something worth watching for in it.

Finding your voice.

Ok, yes it does sound a little fairytale, kind’ve like ‘in the movies’, BUT there is a bucket load of truth to it. As a writer the most frustrating- throw your hands in the air along with all the toys in the cot kind of frustrating- and annoying thing is finding your spot, the place you just slip into that actually works. I’ve had a hard time finding mine, more or less because I’ve never really had that one thing I am spectacular at, or perhaps that was more of a self-doubt thing creeping in. It’s hard though because in tertiary we’re taught to write new stories and report but I don’t want to report on how someone died, I want to make peoples days a little bit better, I want to be the one to make that forgotten tingle in the corner of your mouth crawl out and slowly take over your face with an on cue ‘you made my day’ chuckle to finish it off.

Seeing as I have a killer headache, severely destroying my creativity and sense making I shall end on this note:

In a world of expectations and red tape, finding your spot on this over crowed yet severely lonely planet is harder than finding an ant in the marmite. So, I am on a quest once again to find my place, where I fit. I think, with a pinch of thinking time, a table spoon of trial and a cup full of error along with a teaspoon of balls I might just find it. Here though, I believe is a pretty good beginning.

Maybe the next step might be the start to a wonderful adventure?